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Maggie and Nancy are amazing! We got so lucky to be represented by these amazing ladies. They are on top of everything, up front, kind, and honest. We loved every minute of working with them.

Maggie and Gina are truly one of the best. Even though we were home owners before we didn't fully know how important it is to work with a good realtor when finding your home especially when the market is as crazy as now. They really do take care of you from the beginning to the end and look out for anything that would be disadvantageous to you. Thank you Maggie and Gina for helping us find our home! We couldn't be happier.

Maggie and her team were incredibly organized, communicative and transparent. While this is an extremely detailed, intricate process, Maggie's team made it as smooth as possible They were detail oriented, always available, and supportive and fun to work with! Would give the highest possible recommendation to work with her and will happily refer all friends and family to Maggie Ding going forward. Thank you for helping us buy our first home!

Tiara K - 12/26/2021

I started searching for my first home around a year and a half ago. The market was crazy with many houses selling in less than 2 weeks way over asking price. Maggie and her team helped me out the entire time, booking showings for houses, letting me know about things to look out for when looking at a house, and providing strategic advice on offers. Gina and Nancy were knowledgeable, nice, and answered any questions I had. Finally, I was able to get a beautiful house for under asking price! They helped with every step of the contingency and escrow process. I couldn't be happier with Maggie, her team and my new house!

I strongly recommend getting Maggie Ding as your agent if you are purchasing or selling a property. In my case, Maggie has helped me purchase my first home.

First, when we contacted Maggie she was not hesitant to jump on a zoom call with us on a weekend. Maggie is very friendly and can explain real estate terms in a way that's understandable.

Maggie and her team treated us like family. They would go with us house hunting whenever and wherever -- weekdays, weekends, and different cities. They are always reliable in answering our questions. You can tell that Maggie and her team has been around in this for a while because they are very knowledgeable on what to do and what not to do.

Maggie and her team are patient and persistent. I have made many offers and they never cease to give me sound advice and be there for me.

Finally, when we reach escrow Maggie's team has been so careful and efficient to walk me through the process which is very helpful for me as someone who has zero experience in home buying. I say that I owe a lot to Maggie and her team. I would not have gotten the beautiful Torrance property that I have now had it not been for their help. You really got to experience having them as agent for you to know.

By the way, I am a disabled person which made their help even more special as they help someone with special needs like me own his new home. Thanks again, Ding team! You're the best!

We recently worked with Maggie and her team to buy a home in Lakewood. Maggie set us up with her super agent Jaime, who walked us through the whole process from start to finish. If we had any questions or concerns, day or night, Jaime and Maggie were there to answer all of our questions. Additionally, both were able to offer sound advice when negotiating an offer and helping us make a competitive counter offer that ultimately gave us the edge in getting our home.

So, give Maggie a call, she is a straight shooter  who has put together an outstanding team with lots of experience.

Thanks again Maggie and Jaime!

I had an awesome experience with Gina and Maggie! I started looking for a home at the beginning of covid and with how competitive the market is right now, their entire team was really patience through all the offers we submitted. They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had during the process. Maggie's team truly works 24/7 and always makes time to answer my calls, texts or emails or follow up with listing agents. Maggie and Gina and team are really down to earth and straightforward what their recommendations which is very helpful in the home buying process. I ended up finding a home thanks to them as they walked me through every step of the way. I would recommend Maggie, Gina and team to anyone!

Sam F - 6/13/2021

We had the best experience with Gina and Maggie. We probably weren't always the easiest to work with but Gina was patient and understanding, and we finally got our dream home! Both Gina and Maggie are very responsive and will walk you through every step of the way. They are knowledgeable about the housing market, and we felt comfortable putting 100% trust into the recommendations they made. Would recommend them, and we will definitely reach out and work with them if we ever decide to buy a house again! :)

Sharon D - 6/5/2021

I would unequivocally recommend Maggie and her team to anyone seeking a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy realtor. Maggie worked with us to buy our new home under complex circumstances. Her team seamlessly coordinated everything we needed and communicated with us while we were in different time zones providing exceptional service that was well above what we could have ever anticipated. Maggie's work ethic is second to none.

Maggie also has deep knowledge and expertise in the local market and leveraged this to provide us with sound advice in a market that was very competitive. She knows what's she's talking about and she backs it up. Maggie will provide you with advice that is direct, honest and transparent. Above all, it is clear that Maggie has an unshakable sense of integrity.  She is partnering with you and her reputation is based on the way she serves her clients interests.

You don't get a reputation like Maggie's team unless you're doing a few things right. I'll list a few: 1) her team is VERY focused on detail. Everything is checked, checked and checked again. This became very important to us in buying our property. 2) you hold yourself to a high standard and you expect this from others. Maggie knew all the contractors, subcontractors and inspectors that you want to do business with. 3)they are super smart and passionate about what they do. Maggie is smart, she's a sharp negotiator and she has the experience to enter negotiations with a sophistication I haven't experienced in previous real estate transactions.

I rarely write reviews, but Maggie's team stand out. Buying or selling a property is the kind of decision where you want the right people working with you. There isn't a need to look any further than Maggie and her team.

Michelle D - 5/17/2021

We are SO GLAD we went with Maggie Ding, Gina Delahoussaye, and their team!  They helped us buy a beautiful house in our desired neighborhood within a month of us starting our search. Maggie and Gina are both extremely knowledgeable, highly organized, and lightning fast at every aspect of the home purchase process. They are a force to be reckoned with, which you need in this market. We found Maggie on Yelp and she exceeded the high bar we set based on all the great Yelp reviews. My husband and I jumped into the housing search rather quickly, and Maggie and Gina hit the ground running with us. They made themselves available at all times including late into the evenings to accommodate our schedules and to keep up with the extremely fast pace of the housing market, coordinating offers and counter-offers. My husband and I felt completely taken care of throughout the process and rested easy knowing we had such a strong team at bat for us. They brought expertise to each home showing and they made the inspection day extremely easy by coordinating all of the experts and contractors that we wanted there. Their referrals were also outstanding, including the mortgage brokers they recommended who got us a great rate and came through with our home loan in a short escrow period. Maggie and Gina ended up negotiating and locking down a great deal for us and we are SO HAPPY with the house that we now own! Highly recommend!!

Top notch service -- Maggie and her team are incredible. They are extremely responsive, knowledgeable, attentive, and despite how hectic the home buying process can be, they are able to patiently manage all of the emails, texts, calls, coordinating with vendors and answer all our little questions. Also appreciated Maggie's straightforward and candid approach :)

In this highly competitive market, they helped us make over 7 offers, pull out of escrow in one, and finally close on our home!

No hesitation whatsoever in referring this team to anyone.

Vanessa C -3/3/2021

One Year - a long overdue review
Maggie Ding is an amazing real estate agent. She helped us 1 year ago close on what has become our dream home.  So our long-winded story begins with the hunt for a great agent. Maggie Ding came highly reviewed from multiple friend and she did not disappoint.

She quickly set up a meeting and showed us several listings.  We quickly fell in love  with our home and she  was able to make an offer which was excepted .  We entered escrow however due to life circumstances I had to withdraw from escrow which was heartbreaking.  I was ashamed because of all the hard work that had gone into getting our offer accepted. Maggie was understanding, like genuinely understanding, and made me feel like it was okay and to take however long we needed and that we would find our dream home again.

Several months passed and we were ready again to embark on finding our dream home.  The house that I wanted prior was still available but currently off the market.  Maggie helped reach out to the prior agent and family to let them know that we were still interested and  if they would accept our offer again.  THEY DID!!!  From then on it becomes a blur of mutiple emails and inspections all of which, Maggie and her crew kept track of which allowed my husband and I enjoy the process.
She made sure we were comfortable with the home and would have no unknown  surprises.

We moved into our home early prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had two boys and found out soon enough that we were pregnant with our third.  We just celebrated our  1 year home-anniversary in our dream home with our 3 boys. We feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to  work with Maggie and her staff.  We are grateful for her support throughout our endeavor, and found not only that she is a wonderful  agent but also a lifelong friend.

Jas L -2/15/2021

Words cannot begin to describe the level of excellent service Maggie, Gina and Stephanie provided as we went through our home buying process.  They are all very patient, knowledgeable and communicative.

Maggie will explain every step of the buying process, Gina will give you guidance as you examine every home and Stephanie will coordinate and schedule all the inspectors for the inspection process.

I highly recommend the team whether this is your first home purchase or your tenth!


Robert S -1/16/2021

Working with Maggie and her team was smooth, exciting, and very successful. I'm glad we chose to go with them as a referral - and special shoutout to Gina for all her help! Even during the pandemic, her team was always available and responsibly guiding us through the process. For our first-time experience, it went extremely well and I would recommend them to even my closest friends.

The only conflict we experienced was around anticipated timelines and some tech troubleshooting. As any buyer should, make sure you're clear on how much time you have for inspections and book everything in advance if you're particular or want to be more thorough than most. During the remediation process, we had difficulty managing photo storage with the seller so it would've been nice to have a more dedicated resource for file sharing in real time.

That being said, there are so many positives about working with Maggie Ding (do your thing!). Her team worked together very well, seamlessly handing off tasks to make sure someone was always available to help. Communication was prompt and thorough, letting us know generally what to expect and how it would get done. Being one of their clients comes with additional perks like family events, cheerful newsletters and just great new people to get to know. I look forward to working with them again on our next purchase!

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